Academic Coaching


Academic coaching programs are for students who would like to learn more about a certain topic or just need a more difficult challenge academically. Each program has a suggested amount of sessions for each program, but the programs can be adjusted to complete the program in fewer, more, or even an indefinite amount of sessions.

  • Advanced Reading Program: This is a rigorous reading program for grades 1st-12th graders who need an extra challenge and want to get ahead with their reading skills. Tutors will use books slightly above the student’s determined reading level, teaching them new cite words and vocabulary along the way. Student’s reading level is guaranteed to surpass that of their classmates! (12 Sessions)



  • STEM Program: Our STEM program is for students (1st-8th) who have a special interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. Our STEM sessions are geared toward each student, pinpointing their interests, strengths, and weakness with the different topics included in STEM. It is guaranteed to improve your student’s skills and interest in STEM. (12 Sessions)


  • Advanced Math Program: This is for students who are happy with their grades in math but would like an extra challenge. With this program, students (1st-8th) will work with our tutors on sharpening their math skills and advancing ahead of their fellow students.


  • Creative Writing Program: This program will teach your student (1st-12th) how to express themselves through their writing. We will teach them how to include thematic and rhetorical elements to their writing to add depth to their narratives. By the end of this program, your student will have the skills necessary to write their own stories and the tools needed to send it off for publication. 15 Sessions


  • Academic Writing Program: This program will teach your (6th-12th Grade) student how to write academic essays in various formats such as APA and MLA. This will prepare them for their future high school and college essays.